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Anyone up for Turnip Carving?

Halloween History: A Few Strange Facts About Halloween

* The Jack-O-Lantern tradition comes from a Celtic tale. Jack tricked the Devil into paying for his drink, so the Devil gave Jack a hellish ember. But crafty Jack placed the ember safely into a turnip, which he carved and carried with him so as to scare away any future hellish encounters.turnip
* Pumpkin carving in bulk is a popular Guinness World Record. The proud Halloween enthusiasts of Highwood, Illinois took the record in 2011 with 30,919 simultaneously lit Jack-O-Lanterns.
* Trick or Treating has a short history. In 19th century Scotland and Ireland, there is some record of children traveling door-to-door praying for souls or performing for money or cakes on All Hallows Eve.
* A 1951 Peanuts comic strip can be credited with the popular spread of trick or treating as we know it nationwide. Thank you, Great Pumpkin!226_PEA_Welcome_Great_Pumpkin
* Everyone loves a Halloween party. Traditionally, a Halloween Cake was baked with a thimble inside. Whoever got the thimble in their slice was to be unfortunate in love for the next year.
* New Orleans holds the current world record for largest Halloween Party with 17,777 costumed revelers at once.
* Dia de Los Muertos: If you are lucky enough to be in Mexico on October 31 (or the early morning of November 1st), enjoy Day of the Dead festivities. Kids still trick-or-treat, but are rewarded with candy skulls.

day-of-the-dead* Lastly, be safe out there!