Dream to work somewhere like Seeds of Happiness

Dream to work somewhere like Seeds of Happiness

Dream to work somewhere like Seeds of Happiness

December 11, 2014

I have to wipe back the tears. What a lovely, lovely letter, but I am no ones hero. I appreciate the words, but they just don't fit. The heroes in my line of work are the women who are brutalized and beaten, but still find a way to go on with their lives. Can you imagine what a life that must be? To be constantly battered and bruised by someone that is supposed to love you? It's unimaginable.

Please tell all your employees "Thank You" for the kind words. It is really nice to hear. Many people who have never experienced domestic violence cannot understand why a woman would stay in a relationship like that. Do you know that a woman is 75% more likely to die LEAVING a relationship than if she stayed. Unfortunately, it happens more than people can imagine. One in four women experience DV at some time in their life. Domestic violence knows no economic boundaries. I have worked with the very poor and the very rich.

We spend so much time teaching our children to beware of strangers, not to do drugs or drink, not to text and drive, etc and all of those are important lessons, but do we ever think to teach our daughters to beware of the men they fall in love with? Most times we don't. We need to start making that a priority. We need to teach our boys it is never, ever cool to hit a girl. Please don't get me wrong, I have helped many, many men, but this is statistically a crime against females.

I certainly didn't mean to go into the preaching mode, but when I hear someone is the least bit sympathetic, well I just don't seem to have an off button. Education is the only answer to this horrible crime.

I know everyone that works for you have a wonderful sense of community and what a joy it must be to go to work everyday to make "smiles". After 16 years of working with victims of crime, it would be my dream to work somewhere like Seeds of Happiness just to see more smiles. Giving out your "seeds" definitely helps me get through.

Thank you all for what you do and for the beautiful letter. It is so appreciated.



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SPARK ⭕ Smiles can make a heart drop

July 18, 2024

I am a receiver, not a giver. 

At the place I work, working in the parking booth is one of the more tedious positions to have. You spend the entire day outside, saying mostly the same thing over and over again. Each interaction takes about ten seconds but somehow people still find a way to not listen to you. It wears on you. And unlike every other position here you don’t get many opportunities to make human connections. When I do I jump at the chance. 

It’s been sunny lately, which means everyone is wearing sunglasses which means the ticket machine is hard for people to see. The solution is to tell people “I recommend taking your sunglasses off.” I guarantee you I have heard every variation of comment that can be made after this recommendation: “That helps.” “Polarized lenses.” “Wow, I couldn’t see anything!” I’ve seriously thought about keeping a tally. I know it sounds like I’m a complete stick in the mud, but imagine being a pilot and every passenger tells you to not let your arms get tired while flying the plane. Everyone is looking for a laugh and you have to give them at least a chuckle, every comment, 8 hours a day. The first day is fine, if a bit annoying. The second day you’re starting to wish someone would come up with a better joke. The third you can no longer pretend to be amused.   It is honestly personal connection moments that keep me from losing my head.

The one this story is for started out like any other. “I recommend taking your sunglasses off.” A jokey comment. The woman says to me “I imagine it must get frustrating saying that all the time.” I pull off my own sunglasses and say, “you have no idea.”  “Oh yes I do,” she says. Really?, I think, you also work in the service industry? “Because,” she says, “I’ve become one of the people you have to say that to!” Im not recounting the dialogue exactly as it occurred - it’s been maybe 40 minutes since this happened and I’ve been interrupted several times. But this was truly funny for me. Truly fun. I could count the moments I’ve genuinely laughed with a visitor on one hand, and I’ve worked here for nearly three years. And I’ve never had a laugh in parking.

Then she said, “you know what, I’m gonna give you this.” I will admit my heart dropped a little there. Because I was expecting a religious leaflet or something. We get those a lot. One of my last genuinely fun conversations ended with a religious leaflet, and I was very disappointed about that. I’m already a Christian, you are producing trash. I throw those away without reading them. But I take it anyway, and tell the woman, “I’ll take this but you can’t hand them out inside.” She said, “I wasn’t planning to, and it’s not religious.” Oh! Color me surprised!

She drives into the lot, leaving me with a teeny business card thing and a sandwich bag with an orange rock in it.  Okay, let’s see what this is. The card had this web address on it, but I was more drawn to the orange rock. The clay seed. I turn it around, grinning from ear to ear before exclaiming aloud, “It’s a little man!!” I’m a sucker for little mans: Plushes, tiny action figures, carvings, even bugs. Little mans, all of them, and I can’t get enough.

I will go home today probably tired, probably a little frustrated. I’ll have to figure out dinner, which is its own task. Change clothes, give my dog her medicine, take my own, and resist the urge to play solitaire until I fall asleep. But now I have this little man. And I intend to show him to everyone.

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SPARK ⭕ A green smile full of wonder and dreams

July 17, 2024

A former colleague of mine gave me a Seed of Happiness upon her departure from our company. She and I had been friendly and it was a very kind gesture made by someone passing through my life. For years, the little green Seed sat on my desk. A trinket, along with others, whose message I loved, but I admittedly didn't have a connection to until now.

Months back I lost my grandmother... not just my grandmother, but my first and deepest best friend. For those months it's been hard to grab onto happiness and in my desire to declutter my desk I came across this Seed.

This beautiful green Seed of Happiness.
The color of grass that forever grows.
The color of clovers of so many people find luck in.
The color of a whole city built of wonder and dreams where even Dorothy knew she could find her way back home through.
My grandmother's favorite color.
A color that brought her a simple, yet great happiness.
Now after all these years, this little Seed and its smile has finally brought me the happiness I can't seem to find lately, even if just for a moment.
A beautiful little green Seed reminding me of my beautiful grandmother.


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SPARK ⭕ A seed helped heal from loss

July 16, 2024

Back in 2020 my mom passed away. I did not even get to say goodbye to her due to Covid restrictions. Broke my heart to know she died alone.  One of our social workers gave me a special seed to help me heal from my loss. To this day I have my seed on my desk with its little smile to remind me that my mom is watching over me a sending me a smile from heaven.

- Becky

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