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Happy Seed Song

Happy Seed Song

February 14, 2018

I am sure you all get emails like this all of the time but I had to share.

About two weeks ago, I called on a Friday at 5 pm asking for a rush order of 75 seeds. That order was graciously filled and arrive in Dallas just in time for my company's event. We gave seeds away as parting gifts and received awesome feedback from our guests. At this point, my company has ordered 200+ seeds and given out the vast majority of them to friends and clients.

Last week, after cleaning up from our event, we had a few seeds left over. My coworker's daughters (ages 4 & 8) stopped by with her husband to say hello. They are the sweetest little girls ever and they're so well behaved. My coworker asked if the girls could have some seeds and we gladly obliged.  The girls were allowed to select their seeds from a little bin we have in the office. They were so excited and apparently made up a song to express their excitement. The video of them later that evening is attached.

Like I said, I am sure you all get message similar to this one all of the time. However, in case you ever have a doubtful day that what you re doing isn t making an impact, please watch the attached video. If only we could all be so happy about a seed.

Thanks for your product   they DO make a difference.

Have the best day,


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SPARK ⭕ We're making a difference, together

June 18, 2024

So I got my SOH in time for my acts of kindness birthday and in the same day I got another SOH box with a flower and pot. No idea who it was from but it made my night...

Thought I would share some reactions from giving out the SOH to strangers..

A waitress at a bar we hit. "I have had a horrible week and this right here has made it ok, I don't think you realize how much I needed this.”

Stranger on the street "you mean this is for me, to just make me smile?" And then she cried and hugged me..

A waiter 'I think this is the coolest tip I have ever gotten" (we left cash too haha).

Then today I gave away an SOH to a patient that saw it on my desk. She asked what it was and I showed her a card while I checked her in for her appt, she then pulled out her phone to look it up. She seemed really upset today, so I gave her mine. I can always order more. She then said she has to tell her mom and sister about them.

And now my favorite... I sent a few care packages overseas. I got an email last night from a deployed chaplain stating that I made a small group of grown men cry happy tears. I guess it was a bad day- and my package with SOH arrived on that day, and that small reminder to smile just helped.

So I hope on the hard tiring days y'all at SOH know you are making a difference. And you are helping people like me make a difference. All the happiness

- Shawna

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SPARK ⭕ Mentoring with Smiles

June 18, 2024

I originally bought 8 of these cute little seeds of happiness for a group of girls I was mentoring. At the end of our session, I gave each person a seed of happiness and spoke to them on the importance and the importance of spreading happiness throughout the world. The seeds were a HUGE hit. 

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June 13, 2024

Just a thank you for what you do. When I went for my chemo yesterday some other kind patient had left a SMILE for each of us. It is now on my desk to offer me a smile whenever I need it. Wanted you to know that what you do matters!

- Melanie

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