SPARK ⭕ A bright orange smile - Seeds of Happiness

SPARK ⭕ A bright orange smile

SPARK ⭕ A bright orange smile

March 13, 2024


I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about the orange smile 🧡 that I received 11 years ago. My incredible son passed away 3.3.2013 at 24 years old. He was such a delight and loved by so many. He was born 12 weeks early and struggled in the hospital for his first 3 years. He grew into an amazing man who thrived when those around him knew love and support. When he passed away, someone gave me one of your smiles…and when I opened it, it was bright orange…Devon’s favorite color. It brought me so much comfort at a time when I was truly barely surviving. 

My heart was lifted by this little smile always sitting on my windowsill. Sadly, it was lost by my ex-husband and I was heartbroken but now that I have found your website I can finally order another. 

I wanted you to know what a difference that tiny bit of clay made for me. I hope that this little note provides an affirmation of the difference you make. Be blessed.

With many thanks,

Devon’s proud momma, Angie

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July 24, 2024

"My 48 year old brother-in-law died very unexpectedly. He left behind 3 children ages 12-21. After his inurnment service we were all invited to my mom's for dinner. We walked into her house. The table was beautifully set with fine china and crystal. At each place setting was a "Seed of Happiness" it changed the whole trajectory of the remainder of the evening. They truly brought smiles to our heavy hearts. I decided right then and there, I needed to find out how to have these available for purchase in our church gift store."

- Michelle

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July 23, 2024

"My mom was in hospice in Sept. of 2021. She was there 20 days. Toward the end, I had her outside of her hospice house, and while we sat there for a few hours, I noticed a little green frog sat on the chair next to us. It didn't move. I had to touch it to make sure it was alive. It was. Just as we were getting ready to go in for the day, it hopped away. A few days later she died. I went back out to see if the frog was there. It wasn't. I had seen the Seeds of Happiness, and much to my surprise, they had a little green frog. I immediately bought it and put it on my fireplace mantle. It reminds me of her every day! And I smile."

- Kim

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SPARK ⭕ Sharing Seeds Can Be Addictive

July 22, 2024

These seeds have by far been the best things I have ever discovered. For the children, for teachers, for breast cancer awareness and for just making people smile. I can’t even tell you how many I have purchased as I know it’s been multiple years of buying them and sharing with others. They have brought such joy to people in my house and all around my kids. The sentimental value is huge as well. I think since Xmas 2021 alone I’ve given out 100. Thank you for making the world smile.

- Barbara

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