The Seed helped me say what words could not express - Seeds of Happiness

The Seed helped me say what words could not express

The Seed helped me say what words could not express

September 16, 2015

I gave my first Seed to my Daughter-In-Law yesterday, as her brother committed suicide on Monday,  9/14/2015. What can you say at such a time? The seed helped me say to her, “I can not imagine the pain you are feeling, I am here for you, and, I hope this seed will help you remember happier times, start the healing, and lead you back to happiness”.

My daughter in law is very artistic and enjoyed reading the card that Mark Borella included. I had dreaded going home after the meeting, as she and my son, had just flown in while I was at the meeting. However, Mark, gave me a way to start the conversation.



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