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It’s SUNNY Today!

How can you not smile when it’s sunny outside?

And that’s the perfect lead-in for us to talk about another one of our “Seeds”.  Wait…  you have caught on to the cute little theme of the custom Seeds right?  Pumpkin Seeds, Strawberry Seeds, Sunflower Seeds…  Get it????

Okay, now that we’ve got that clear, let’s talk about those Sunflower Seeds…  just too adorable right?

Who knew that a few extra slivers of clay clustered around a Seed could brighten everyone’s day?  (Mark and his creative mind…  that’s who!)

Mark says this is one of his favorite times to open the kiln.

It’s like they’ve all just been waiting for him to get there so they can smile up at him.  (Cheesy, yep, but Mark probably believes that!)  Even before we work our magic on them with the glazes, they are as cute as can be just plain and simple.


Now the little guys are as cute as can be, but what if you need an extra large dose of sunshine?  Well, you know we’ve got that handled too!

A giant dose of happy is hard to resist!

(and yes, that’s a Leprechaun Seed hanging out down in the corner.  March & St. Patrick’s Day will be here soon and he’s one of our seasonal Seeds)

So before we let you head out into the sunshine, we just want to share a few more pics of our Sunflower Seeds to help brighten your day!