Our Story




Seeds of Happiness started out as leftover lumps of clay I made into little smiles to give to friends who were going through hard times and needed a little smile.

That was in 2006, since then I have given out thousands of smiles to folks, a handful at a time. In turn, they share them and the story with their friends in need of a smile.

Then, those people share with more friends and keep the story going. The Seeds are all over the planet by now. I receive a lot of e-mails with photos and stories showing how these little Seeds made a difference to someone. From Africa to the land down under, the Seeds have been planted and smiles have been resurrected for people who need them. Seems a lot of people need smiles these days. Share a Smile – help me spread Seeds of Happiness.

Mark Borella
“The Seeds of Happiness Guy”

Seeds of Happiness is passionately committed to creating the Smiles, which bring happiness to our world.

Meet The Team

Get to know the artists who make the Smiles!



Mark’s interest in art began as a toddler with his first Lego sculptures or so claims his mom! As early as high school, Mark’s artwork was focused on faces and smiles. He completed his higher education with four degrees in fine art. After graduation, he has been fortunate to have continuously earned his living as an artist.

“My artwork is not serious, but I take my art very seriously.”

In 2007 Seeds of Happiness began as a heartfelt act of kindness and has continued to grow organically into a thriving business. At the beginning, it was about Mark making the Smiles and giving them out to friends. Now, he is just a part of it.

“Front Office” Crew

Bill, Amy, Angie and Delayne pack your orders and then ship them all over the world. (All continents except Antarctica, so far!) Amy and Angie also glaze many of the specialty Seeds of Happiness. Bill manages the business side from accounting to marketing to payroll… basically anything not art related…you always need at least one of those people.


The Sculptors

Chances are that one of the Smiles which you have shared was sculpted by Jen or Sophie. They make most of the Seeds of Happiness. Margaret and Chris sculpt the bulk of the specialty Seeds such as hearts, sunflowers, pumpkins and snowmen. Not a day goes by when their hands aren’t deep into piles of clay!


The Glazers

Laura, Angie, Amy and Patrick paint the majority of our products. Their common utensil is a paintbrush…they practically eat with one in their hand! This job calls for a steady hand because all of our Seeds require three coats. Patrick is our resident Irishman/poet/storyteller. He bounces between glazing to loading the kiln to packaging the Seeds.


The Mudslinger

David was Mark’s art teacher in high school. He helped shape Mark’s love of sculpting. Now, over 30 years later, they are working together again. David hand makes all of our mugs and Mark finishes them with a Smile!

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Canterbury Enterprises, Inc.

We partner with Canterbury which is a non-profit sheltered workshop that employs people with disabilities in St. Louis. They are the first step in forming the clay balls for the sculptors. In addition, they sort our story cards and glaze the Seeds.


The Silent Ones

Dave, Traci and Lane work behind the scenes and have close family ties to The Smile Factory. Not only do they put up with Mark and Bill, they do graphic design, purchasing and glazing!



Munch is the Seeds of Happiness dog. He comes to work at The Smile Factory every day. He works hard at being the best mascot ever! And, Munch is the model for our Pocket Puppies, WOOF!