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Groovy Daisies


Peace, love and Smiles! Fifty years after the Woodstock Music Festival, flower power is still alive and well at Seeds of Happiness. Celebrate your inner hippie with these groovy Smile Daisies. These happy flowers come assembled with a stem and a bright yellow pot. Three colors are available:  purple, blue and red. Approximate height = 7″ $13.95 each OR you can get all three for only $29.95 (That’s getting one daisy for free!).  AND you can create the coolest vibe with the addition of the Smile Peace Sign! Approximately 3” tall by 1.5” wide.

Peace, ba-by!  All daisies are grown in the USA.

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Purple Daisy Pot, Blue Daisy Pot, Red Daisy Pot, Large Daisy Pot (3 Daisies), Peace Sign