Bag of 8 Smiles by Color - Seeds of Happiness

Bag of 8 Smiles by Color


Sky Blue
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If your favorite color is green, we've got it! Blue? Got it! Red, orange, yellow, and/or purple? Yes to all! Buy a bag of 8 Seeds of Happiness in the color of your choice. Party favors, school colors, room decorations? There are LOTS of possibilities. Each bag includes 8 Seeds and 8 Story Cards. Please note these are handmade and shades of color may vary. Show your COLORS, share the SMILES!

Make the holidays festive by adding gift wrap to each Seeds of Happiness item you buy. It’s a merry take on brown paper packaging tied up with string or painted box depending on size!  Handmade by Mark.


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We’re filling it with the stories that make us smile and sharing it with the Circle of Kindness.
It’s going to be fun!