Happy Habit Trackers - Seeds of Happiness

Happy Habit Trackers


The hardest thing about setting goals or making resolutions is keeping them top of mind. We’re here to help with Happy Habit Trackers! They’re small cubes stamped on one side with our signature Seeds of Happiness Smile. The other surfaces are painted with chalkboard paint so they’re ready for you to write your goal or an inspirational word.

Each inspirational box includes 8 Happy Habit Trackers, a couple of chalk markers, and a spray bottle with directions for making a cleaning solution, and an eraser so you can use them again and again! We’ve filled out one Happy Habit Tracker with a goal that we have for our Circle of Kindness. Fill out the rest right away or change them every time you reach a new goal!

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We’re filling it with the stories that make us smile and sharing it with the Circle of Kindness.
It’s going to be fun!