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The Seeds Love A Sunday Drive…

and a Monday drive and a Tuesday drive and another on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday for that matter!






All of us at the Smile Factory have a Seeds of Happiness decal on our car.  (Just like we all always carry seeds with us where ever we go…  always sharing a smile!)

We think it’s very cool when we are out and about and see other people with a Seeds of Happiness decal on their car!  It’s amazing how often we see cars in parking lots with decals, cars in traffic around us with decals or cars in our neighbors’ driveways with decals (and they didn’t get them from us – boy, Mark’s little Seeds sure do get around!)

Of course, we are never happy with just the basics, just one of anything or just the status quo at the Smile Factory…

So now our Seeds of Happiness decals have a buddy along for the ride!  How creative did some of our folks get to add a bright green static cling to their gas caps?


But for some of us, we just have to take it a step further.  We’ve got friends who have taken their skills, gotten creative and shared ways they have come up with to take their Seeds traveling.

We just never seem to know where our Seeds will show up next!


So, while we want you to be safe and keep your eyes on the road, we also challenge you to keep your eyes open for our Seeds that are out and about, seeing the sights and sharing the smiles!

Happy trails and happy travels to you!