The Smile Factory

Handmade in Kirkwood, MO

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The Smile Factory

The Smile Factory is the place where we create the seeds, but it’s up to you to make the story grow. Each smile is handcrafted with love by our team of Smile Artists.

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The Process

From start to finish, every seed is handmade
with love and smiles. Hover over images below to see each stage of the process.

Watch our video to see how each smile comes to life!

  • The Smile is Born

    First, the blocks of clay are formed into small balls for the sculptors.

  • Sculpting

    Each Seed is smoothed, flattened on the bottom and the eyes are created with a poke from two chopsticks…all done with lots of positive energy and thoughtfulness.

  • Dry and Fire

    After the clay dries, the Smiles are loaded into the kiln where they are bisque fired (1,940 degrees…ouch!) and the moisture is removed.

  • Glazing

    Each Smile is hand painted with three coats of glaze for a vibrant and rich color.

  • Glaze Fire

    The second firing involves lining up all of the Seeds in lots of neat little rows. Each time we open the kiln, a burst of bright and shiny color greets us!

  • Inspect and Ship

    Every Seed of Happiness is inspected and stamped before packaging. A new story begins after the shipment arrives at your doorstep!

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Smile Mugs

Your favorite beverage tastes even better with a SMILE! Each mug is proudly handmade and is a unique, functional piece of art.

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