A Smile from Virginia Tech - Seeds of Happiness

A Smile from Virginia Tech

A Smile from Virginia Tech

April 11, 2018

All because of your amazing customer service....

I have given a few hundred of your smiles away and always have a jar of them ready for the next opportunity.  But last year when I wanted to send my daughter, a Virginia Tech student, a jar of orange and maroon smiles to share with her friends when they really needed one, I didn't see any maroon ones to order.  I called and was told that no, you don't carry maroon.  But the kind lady said, "wait, I think I saw some in the back, left over from a special order."  I bought all you had and some orange as well.  They were beautiful in the jars that I sent to VT.

Attached is the picture my daughter texted me today.  She received it from a friend as he finishes his semester. He even named it!

I hope this makes you smile as much as it did me.

Thank you,


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